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Love Quotes for Her : Love is an inexpressible feeling that can often leave women eager to express their love to their partner. Sometimes it is so intense that describing your feelings to your girlfriend/lover or wife can just seem impossible! Many men have a hard time expressing their love. Perhaps you need to let your wife or girlfriend know exactly how you feel, and maybe you just don’t know how to say it to her.

These love quotes for her will definitely help you to express your feelings to your partner in short, but meaningful messages, and make your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse stronger than ever.

Using some of these simple yet effective cote love quotes for her can brighten her day, and make her truly feel the love that you have for her! If you need help express your feelings to your true love?

Here are unique love quotes for her:

Love Quotes for Her

Oh, you little girl, you stole my heart. To make it even, I will steal a kiss from you.

You are the inspiration behind all that I do, and the source of all that is good in my life.

Someone up there must be watching out for me, because they sent Heaven’s most beautiful angel into my life.

Kiss me. Hug me. Love me. The same quantity of those sweetest things I will return as soon as possible.

My gratitude for having met you is surpassed only by my amazement at the joy you bring to my life.

When you love me like that, I melt into honey. Let’s be sweet together.

Between us is one thread: it tied our hearts so we walk close to each other always.

In my hands is this heart. I want you to have it, because I’m so clumsy, so I’m afraid I’ll lose it or easily give it to someone else.

You are the only air I breathe. You are ticking in my heart like a little clock. Yes, you wake me up every day, while I fall asleep dreaming of the days when I was alone. No longer am I in such a way.

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Two hearts ran to the end of the world. They recognized each other’s eyes at the final border of the end and infinity. In that particular moment, they hugged each other. No one dares to separate them.

I love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of all my life.

You beautiful woman of my life, you took it all from me. I took it all from you. So today, we can blackmail each other.

Can anything be more valuable than our love? Since you are with me, my only measurement is in heartbeats.

If you dare, take my hand and take me to where your heart is. I want to feel what it’s like to love like you.

Sometimes, I knock on the doors of your heart, just to make sure I still live there.

Feel her with these Beautiful Love Quotes for Her

I wake up every morning with the excitement of a child on Christmas Day, just knowing that I’m with you.

My love for you knows no boundaries. You are the reason behind everything that is good in my life.

All of the little things you do warm my heart. You are a constant source of joy in my life.

All my days with you are days worth living. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be alone.

My life with you is something that I would never trade, even for all of the riches under Heaven.

I give you my heart with full intention, gratefully knowing that my life will never be the same, but much better.

Just when I thought that I couldn’t be any happier, I see you, and that all changes once again.

Everything you do is a source of joy for me. I can never be sad when I’m around you.

Just seeing your face brightens even my darkest of days. Your light shines on all that I do.

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You give me hope in my times of trial, joy in my saddest hours and love in all I do.

Without you in my life, I would be incomplete. I pray that I should never know such pain.

I smile every time I see you. When you return that smile to me, my heart overflows with joy.

There is no finer day than a day with you by my side. Thank you for all that you are.

You brighten each day with the love you bring. At night, the stars align to shine their light on you.

In this ever-changing world, you are the constant by which I measure my progress. I’d be lost without you.

Your love is like the lamp in the window that guides me home through the darkest night.

With every beat of my heart, I love you more and more. You’re the rhythm that keeps me steady on the march through life.

All the blood, sweat, and tears will be worth it when I get to spend forever by your side.

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I never thought I’d want to settle down, but you changed everything. I’m a better man with you in my life.

I’m flying high, because your love gives me wings. Let me build you a palace in the clouds.

I promise to always treat you like a queen. You reign over my heart, and your wish is my command.

There is no other woman in the world like you. I am the luckiest man alive to be able to call you mine.

Before you, I never believed in forever. Now, I know that is not long enough to spend with you.

While Heaven must surely mourn the loss of one of its own, we mere mortals celebrate your grace.

To have you in my life is a blessing I could never deserve. You are the definition of grace.

Every day with you is better than the day before. How is it that you continuously improve upon perfection?

I sleep as fast as I can, so I can hurry up and wake up next to you.

Every day with you is one that brings great joy to my heart, and peace to my restless soul.

When I am troubled, I only need to think of you to ease my soul.

No greater light illuminates my path than the love you have brought into my life.

Just a minute spent with you is better than a whole day of sunshine.

Some say to know you is to love you. I say to know you is to be truly blessed.

I never knew how love could feel until I met you. I could never have imagined it.

Your love is the love spoken of in the classics. You inspire the poet’s pen.

For the rest of my life, I will count each day with you well spent.


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