Top 10 Packaging Companies in India | List of Packaging Companies in India

5. Uflex Limited

uflex-logoUflex Limited is India’s largest flexible packaging company, that why it finds its name in the list of top 10 packaging company in India.

Uflex Limited headquartered in Noida, India was founded in 1983, has global reach in 140 countries with manufacturing facilities in India, UAE, Mexico and USA.

The packaging company offers quality packaging services for various products for FMCG industries and products like noodles, pharmaceuticals, snack foods, frozen food, wheat flour, beverages and much more.

The packaging company Uflex Limited offers packaging products like Polyester chips, Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET), Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films, Cast Polypropylene (CPP) films, Printing & Coating Inks, adhesives, facilities for Holography, Metallization & PVDC coating, Gravure Printing Cylinders, Gravure Printing, Lamination and Pouch formation.

Office: Noida, India | Founded: 1983 | Website:

4. Jindal Poly Films Limited

jindal-poly-films-logoJindal Poly Films Limited is the largest manufacturer of BOPET and BOPP films in India and comes at number 4th in the list of top 10 packaging companies in India.

Jindal Poly Films Limited was founded in 1984, is a part of INR 30 billion B.C.Jindal group. Jindal Poly Films Limited manufactures BOPET film, BOPP film, Metallised BOPET film and BOPP film, Coated BOPET and BOPP films.

The packaging company has many manufacturing facilities in India which produces more than 3.4 Lakh Tonnes of films per year.

The packaging company in India Jindal Poly Films Limited  has a global reach apart from India, Jindal Poly Films Limited has the presence in countries like Australia, Austria, Germany, France, South Africa, Portugal and much more.

Office: New Delhi | Founded: 1985 | Website:

3. Max Speciality Films Limited

max-speciality-films-logoMax Speciality Films Limited (MSFL) is part of Max India Limited group comes at number 3 in the list of top 10 packaging company in India.

Max Speciality Films Limited (MSFL) was founded in 1990 and the packaging company is ISO certified company having a production capacity of 52K tonnes per year.

Max Speciality Films Limited (MSFL) is a leading name in the packing industry in India which manufactures packaging films, label films, graphic lamination like films coating and thermal lamination films for the Indian and overseas markets.

Office: New Delhi, India | Founded: 1990 | Website:

2. Ess Dee India

ess-dee-india-logoEss Dee Aluminium Limited is among the top packaging company in India and a leading player in the Aluminium Packaging business comes at 2nd rank in the list of top 10 packaging company in India.

Ess Dee Aluminium Limited was founded in 1991 and a group of companies Division India Foils and its 100% subsidiary, Flex Art Foils Ltd.

The packaging company produces a wide range of packaging products for sectors like pharmaceutical, FMCG industry with their 5 manufacturing plants in India.

The packaging company has a huge and big clientele which includes big names like GSK, Lupin, Novartis, Cadbury, Pfizer, Nestle and Wockhardt.

Ess Dee Aluminium has the global presence of business apart from India, the company has operations in many countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Colombia, Greece and USA.

Office: Mumbai, India | Founded: 1991 | Website:

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1. Balmer Lawrie & Co. Limited

balmer-lawrie-company-limitedBalmer Lawrie & Co. Limited is public sector packaging company in India which works under Petroleum Ministry of India is 1st ranked packaging company in the list of top 10 packaging companies in India.

The packaging industry giant in India has started long back in the year 1867 in Kolkata, India by two Scotsmen, George Stephen Balmer and Alexander Lawrie.

The top packaging company in India is a market leader in Steel Barrels, Industrial Greases & Specialty Lubricants, Corporate Travel and Logistics Services.

The packaging company Balmer Lawrie & Co. Limited is a leading manufacturer of MS drums and offers a huge product range of industrial packaging solutions like a plain steel drum, lined drums, composite drums, cylinders and many more packaging solutions to the Indian packaging industry.

Office: Kolkata, India | Founded: 1867 | Website:

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