Top 10 Beer Brands in India with Price | Best Selling Beer Brewing Brands

Top 10 Beer Brands in India with Price List

Today we are discussing top 10 beer companies India. India is one of the world’s fastest growing beer markets which open huge business opportunities for beer companies from around the world and Indian top class beer brands which are home grown.

India itself borrows many excellent breweries which produce beers and distribute across the country which includes numerous world class beer brands among which few are quite popular.

Apart from Indian beers product, international beer brands are also available in the Indian breweries market. India has always a huge beer consuming market, so today we are providing list of top 10 best selling beers brands in India.

Beer Brands in India with Price List

Best Indian Beer Brands

Check this list of top 10 beer brands in India with Price which has been given below. The list below of beer companies in India with price from one to ten which includes beer brands from India and international well-known beer brands.

List of Beer Brands in India

  • Kingfisher Beer
  • Carlsberg Beer
  • Haywards Beer
  • Tuborg Beer
  • Foster Beer
  • Heineken Beer
  • Budweiser Beer
  • Corona Beer
  • Godfather Beer
  • Miller Beer

10. Miller

The Miller Beer is the brand of Brewing Company, an American beer brewing company comes at number 10 rank in the list of top 10 best selling beers in India with price list.


Miller Brewing Company i.e Miller Beers was founded in 1855 by Frederick Miller when he purchased the small Plank Road Brewery. The beer company headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, now owned by the MillerCoors division of Molson Coors.

The brand was launched in India in 2011. The Miller beer is currently available in 3 pack sizes that match different drinking occasions, the 330ml bottle, 650 ml bottle and 500ml can.

Office: Milwaukee, USA | Founded: 1855 | Website:

9. Godfather

Godfather is one of the most selling super strong beers, comes at 9th rank in the list of top 10 beer companies in India.


Godfather Super strong beers are top selling beers in the northern part of India. Godfather beers are manufactured  and owned by Devans Modern Breweries Ltd and available in 20 states of the country.

They also sell their beers in South East Asian countries. Variants of the beer are Godfather Super Strong, Godfather Light and Godfather Lager.

Office: Bohri, Jammu | Founded: 1961 | Website:

8.  Corona Beer

Corona Beer is Mexican beer which is one of the most consumed imported beers in India, and probably in the world too. Corona Beer comes at 8th rank in the list of top 10 best beers in India.


I know most of you peoples heard the name Corona Beer in the famous movie “Fast & Furious” by Dominic Toretto.

The world best selling beer is served with a wedge of lime, which is a refreshing beer to beat the work hangover and have some fun.

Best Beer in The India

Corona beer is manufactured by the Grupo Modelo, a Mexican company and has been operational since 1925. The beer is exported to more than 180 countries worldwide. The Variants offered by Corona are Corona Extra and Corona Light.

Office: Maxico | Founded: 1925 | Website:

7.  Budweiser Beer

Budweiser Beer is a brand of AB InBev India Pvt. Ltd which come at number 7 in the list of top 10 best selling beer in India.


The beer is produced by AB InBev India Pvt. Ltd, Indian subsidiary of Belgian- Brazilian beer making company and is a top-selling beer in the world, leave alone India.

The beer is available in 2 variants in India- The Budweiser and Budweiser Magnum, a stronger variant.

Office: Gurgaon, India | Founded: 1876 | Website:

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6.  Heineken Beer

Heineken is a brand of Heineken international, comes next in the list of top 10 beer companies in India. Heineken beer has been in the global market since 1873, is one of the most popular brands of beer is Heineken which is now available in India.


You have known the beer brand name in various events like the UEFA Champions League. The beer is a dutch based factory which produces this specific item with a maximum of 5 % alcohol amount in the total content.

The beer is available in pints as well as the larger bottle in India. The beer is sold in more than 170 countries, Heineken is the world’s most international premium beer.

Best Beer in India for Health

The beer company has been incorporated with numerous beer brands from different countries all over the world including, Mexico, China, and Africa.

Office: Netherland | Founded: 1873 | Website:

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