Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in India | Best Cloud Company in India

6. Zenith InfoTech Limited

zenith cloud computing companyZenith InfoTech is comes next in the line in the list of the top 10 cloud computing companies in India. Zenith InfoTech is a leading security, cloud computing and IT solution provider which was founded in year 1996.


Products & Services:

Zenith InfoTech have a range of cloud computing services and products for IT industry.

Zenith InfoTech provide cloud services under the brand name of Tiger Cloud and BDR G14, here the cloud services:-

  • Cloud storage
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • VM aware storage
  • Sandbox and testing
  • Back Office support to Cloud Computing


The cloud computing company operates in all over India. It’s India headquarters is located in Mumbai and Company’s US office is located in Pittsburgh.

Head Quarter: Mumbai, India | Website:

7. InstaCompute – Tata Communication

InstaComputeInsta compute is another cloud computing company in India. InstaCompute is a Tata communication company or product which offers a cost-effective cloud computing solution.

InstaCompute is associated with Tata Communication that’s why it brings the trust of Tata which is the network that includes one of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks.

InstaCompute is Tata Communication arm which was founded in 1972 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Products & Services:

InstaCompute is one among the top cloud companies in India providing flexible payment, security, round-the-clock technical support and uses basis pricing.


The cloud computing company operates in all over India. It’s India headquarters is located in Mumbai.

Head Quarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra | Website:

8. CirroLogix Private Limited

Cirrologix cloud servicesCirrologix is leading cloud computing service Provider Company in India. CirroLogix is an authorized Salesforce partner and software product Development Company which delivers cloud based IT solutions.

CirroLogix was founded in 2010, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Services & Products:

CirroLogix provides cloud computing services which include software implementation, development, Integration etc are given below:-

  • Software implementation
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Maintenance
  • Re-engineering of cloud application
Head Quarter: Bangalore, India | Website:

9. Clogeny Technologies Private Limited

clogeny cloud companyClogeny Technologies Private Limited is a leading cloud computing company and comes next in the list of best cloud computing companies in India.

Clogeny is the fully owned subsidiary of MSys Technologies, a Georgia-based leader of storage, cloud, and QA technologies.

Clogeny Technologies Private Limited was founded in 2009 in the Indian city Pune. And now Clogeny Technologies quickly built leadership in three key domains we focus on: DevOps, cloud computing, and big data analytics.

Products & Services:

Clogeny Technologies has leadership in three key domains which are DevOps, cloud computing, and big data analytics.

Clogeny Technologies provides a wide range complete computing solution which including SaaS, PaaS and LaaS cloud computing services which are given below:-

  • Multi-cloud Polyglot PaaS
  • Multi-cloud Orchestration Product for Enterprises
  • SaaS Portal for Server Migrations
  • Complex Application Migration Appliance
  • Cloud Service Integration for Cloud brokers
  • SDN/NFV integration with Openstack
  • SaaS Cloud Services
  • PaaS Cloud Services
  • IaaS Cloud Services
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Cloud Architect


Clogeny Technologies operating all over India and successfully delivered projects for 35 customers in just 2.5 years in the domains of cloud computing, big data, DevOps and storage.

Headquarter: Pune, India | Website:

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10. App Point

app point cloud technologyApp India is another one of the best cloud computing companies in India, and rated among the best cloud computing companies in Bangalore and India.

App India is a software development organization which is engaged with global IT companies like IBM and Microsoft for software development and design.

App India founded in 1994 at Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Products & Services:

App India provides cloud services & product which comprises of a business application infrastructure suite which offers an end-to-end integrated approach to develop and deliver enterprise class business applications, with capabilities traditionally limited to tier-1 vendors.

The cloud computing services & products provided by App India are listed below:-

  • BpmPaaS/SaaS Cloud Services
  • AppsonAzure
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Integration middleware
  • Application middleware
  • Cloud middleware


App India operates all over India. AppPoint is led by a core engineering team with over 2 decade long experience leading teams & developing industry leading software solutions for the likes of IBM, Microsoft & Rational Software.

Headquarter: Bangalore, India | Website:

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